We Love Comfrey!

Comfrey is our favorite and most important plant on the farm.

We grow more comfrey than any other plant number wise and space wise. We currently have about 1000 plants and hope to eventually have over 5000.
Books have been written about this amazing herb over the years so I obviously won't be including all of that information here. I do want to highlight some of comfrey's most positive features so that everyone can understand how great of a plant this is.



Sweet Potatoes

Our first harvest of sweet potatoes are coming in.

This is the harvest from just one plant. Those sweet potatoes weighed in at 7 pounds give or take a few ounces. A very brief search online indicated that the average harvest is about 2.5 pounds of sweet potatoes per plant so we are doing very well so far.

My wife makes sweet potato burritos fairly often and then freezes them to have a quick and healthy dinner when needed. Our goal is to grow 200 pounds of sweet potatoes next year and make them one of our staples. We'll see how that goes.

Growing sweet potatoes well is an interesting challenge because they do NOT perform well in soil that has high amount of nitrogen which is the opposite of most other plants we grow on the farm.